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Useful Links for Doing Business in the
Arabian Peninsula


Computer Remote Access

Connecting with the Arab Market
U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration provides trade leads, market research, counseling, and more information from 19 government agencies to help you navigate the export process to the
Middle East at

The Department of Commerce also maintains up-to-date information on laws, taxes, and regulations and publishes market research reports for each country:
For trade leads and market research, see the National Trade Data Bank:

Find exporters and importers at Trade Key:

For customs updates, shipping information, news, and much more go to The Journal of Commerce Web site:

International Import-Export Trade Leads is a directory that will help you find international partners:

This Web site lists trade leads from all over the world (registration required): 

Country Profiles

Currency Converter

Discount Airfares

Documentary Requirements for Exports to the Peninsula
Arab countries require that commercial invoices be certified either by the National U.S.-Arab Chamber of Commerce (tel: 202-289-5920) or, in the case of the United Arab Emirates, by  the Arab American Chamber of Commerce and legalized by each respective country’s consulate.

US-Arab Chamber of Commerce Website

Arab American Chamber of Commerce Website

Ease of Doing Business
The World Bank Group – Doing Business Project. This site provides objective measures of   business regulations and enforcement. Just go to the home page below and type in the desired country to get the overall “ease of doing business” ranking and see how the country ranks in ten select business topics.

Business holidays can be found on the International Business Center Web site at

Internet Phones

Market Intelligence
Middle East Economic Digest (MEED)

Business Intelligence
Middle East: News and business intelligence by country and sector.   Site allows you to create your own custom homepage.

Ernst & Young

Plug Adapters
For travel accessories, voltage guide, and plug guide see

To see if your phone will work in the country you are traveling to and for explanation of the different “bands” go to:

Voltage, Outlets, International Phones, Dialing Codes


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